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Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

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Hydraulic Main Lift Cylinder
PRICE: $886.88
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Rebuilt 2080 Hydraulic Main Lift Cylinder, P136375-001

Fits Amsco / Steris 2080 Surgical Tables  

Rebuild / Exchange available upon request.  $400 - Core Deposit Required upon purchase

Replacement of Hydraulic Cylinders should only be done by qualified, trained technicians!


Some of the Procedures involved are:  (from OEM service manual)

  • Depress RAISE pedal to raise 2080 table to maximum height

  • Lift and support base cover

  • With table at it's maximum height, slip a strong, solid metal  object (such as an 8" or 10" Crescent wrench)  between the support assembly 133636 and the elevator stop 52692 (slip metal object in from the front)

  • Depress the LOWER pedal to the floor and force hydraulic lift cylinder P136375-001 all the way down to vacate the hydraulic oil out of the cylinder.  This will help prevent spilling of oil when hydraulic line is opened.

  • Loosen and remove hydraulic line at the fitting at the base of the lift cylinder P136375-001 and also loosen and remove hydraulic line to fitting on the return line from the collector cap

  • Remove screws and washers from hydraulic lift cylinder base and remove cylinder

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