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Daylight products are Green  Green  is.........  Good,   Better,   BEST


Energy saving

All Daylight™ bulbs and tubes use 80% less energy than conventional bulbs. When you work with your Daylight™ lamp, you reduce your electricity bill and reduce greenhouse gases at the same time.

Cardboard packaging

All the new packaging is made of recycled cardboard and as they do not contain any poly-foam, they are 100% recyclable so you can also do your bit for the planet and recycle using your local facilities!

Smaller packaging

Recycling packaging is great but recycling less packaging is even better! To give you an example, the size of the packaging of our popular portable lamp is now 33% smaller!

Now that you are buying energy efficient, environmentally friendly daylight™ full spectrum lamps and bulbs, you might be wondering how to dispose of them once they're worn out. 

If there is a Home Depot nearby you can drop off any used CFL bulbs there for free.  «LEARN MORE»

You can also find a drop off at your local IKEA stores. «LEARN MORE»

Find out what President Obama has said about our environment, energy efficiency and CFLs. «LEARN MORE»

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