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Daylight products now available  daylight   Lamps & Magnifiers     

          "See what a difference Daylight makes!"

Daylight technology  Daylight is a leading manufacturer of high quality magnifying and task lamps.  Daylight's energy saving, full spectrum technology reduces eye strain and improves contrast so you can enjoy the true colors of your work and read for longer periods with optimal comfort.

Visit our Frequently asked Questions page to learn more about daylight  full spectrum bulbs and tubes.  (click here)

UL Listed Lamps, image    daylight lamps and magnifiers are officially UL & CE certified to ensure they adhere to the latest American and European standards for lighting and electrical appliances.
Daylight is green       daylight products are Green too!  Energy saving bulbs are used in all of their lamps and magnifiers,
       packaging is smaller and uses recycled cardboard.  Click the green bulb to learn more.

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